Tidyread focuses on the info digest scene, with Recipe as a first-class citizen,
leveraging AI to establish a sense of order in info reading for you in the era of info explosion.

Info Digest

Based on the RSS feed you subscribed to, use customizable AI prompts to summarize and translate the content, generating a clean digest.

Improve Efficiency

Through AI summarization and translation, clean reading interface, improve your efficiency in obtaining information.

More Organized

Push the digest to you at your specified time instead of letting you wander in fragmented time.


Multiple Recipes can be created, each Recipe can add custom RSS feeds, set unique summary Prompts, and push at specified times. In addition, you don't have to worry about it; you can pause or start it anytime.

Reduce Stress

If you only want to read one type of information during a certain period, you can pause unrelated recipes.

Improve Reading Experience

Different types of information can have customized summary prompts to provide more fitting summaries.

Feature 3

AI-Empowered Filter

By filtering the title and content through keywords, AI prompts, you can remove the content that you are not interested in.

Improve Efficiency

Focus on what you really need.


Frequently asked questions.

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